Bentley offers very small ride for very small drivers

There’s a new Bentley on the horizon. It has no motor, no transmission. No touchscreen, no windscreen. In fact, it’s a convertible, sort of, and instead of zero-to-60 times, there’s a zero-to-whatever time, depending on the age of the driver; five years old is about right.

Considering its a Bentley, the price of its Mulliner Tricycle on sale in the UK—about $750–is a bargain, at least in Bentley terms. Of course, consider that a Big Wheel “Rally Racer” edition costs $112 at Walmart….well, a Big Wheel hasn’t got leather seats, a plush, quilted handle bag, a sun canopy and—deal-maker—a Bentley-badged seat-belt buckle.

The so-called “6-in-1 Trike” was inspired by the brand’s Mulliner bespoke division, which allows buyers to customize a Bentley with gold organ-stop buttons, “pinstripe” wood veneers or to upholster seats in “Cherry Blossom hides.”

The three-wheeler may lack those exotic options, but it does include air-pumped wheels, anti-slide metal pedals, and a safety seat with “soft inserts” that “simulates the shape of the car seat and ensures extra comfort for children.” Advertised as accommodating kids aged from six months, the tricycle converts—see? We told you!—to a stroller, with the seat facing the designated adult driver.

No word yet on the vehicle’s availability in the States.

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