Bella Hadid Is Absolutely Glowing in the Designer Version of a Naked Dress

Bella Hadid or the Goddess of Spring? You decide. The model just turned the NYC sidewalk into her personal runway, making every other pap shoot of the year look like child’s play in comparison. The smize, the blowout, the posture, the fact that she’s not even pretending to carry a purse.

Presumably on her way to some fabulous event celebrating the launch of her first line of fragrances, Orebella, Hadid wore archival Dior from 2004, styled with a skirt slip to make it less nude than it appeared on the runway. Still, this is a very naked dress.


Unlike the sheer dress, the naked dress isn’t about showing actual skin; it’s about wearing a tight-fitting dress that’s similar to your skin tone to create a momentary illusion of nudity. A tasteful suggestion, made by your outfit, that what you’re wearing…is nothing at all. And Hadid’s dress definitely fits that description, even with designer details like a fringe hem, ribbed bodice and butterfly-like embellishments (the butterfly emoji is one Hadid uses often). The slides, by Giuseppe Zanotti, are just as barely-there, and a single diamond adorns her collar bone.

In an interview with Glamour, Bella Hadid opened up about her dreams for Orebella, a fragrance-based skincare line. “I want you to be able to wake up in the morning, take a shower, and put this over your entire body, and it would moisturize you. It would make you smell good. It would act with your pH to be able to make it a unique smell for you,” she said. She added that her heritage was part of her inspiration, saying, “For me, growing up in an Arab family, when it comes to scents there was this beauty of being able to have a personality on your skin. And that’s something that I’ve written down for so many years, is that our auras are our best accessories.”

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