Asymmetrical Trend 2024: This Abercrombie Top Is Summer’s It Item

I first noticed the asymmetrical Abercrombie top when my coworker, Glamour designer Channing Smith, wore it to the office the first week of June. Could it be Sandy Liang? Tove? Kallmeyer? The stretchy modal-cotton blend (in a seasonal shade of bubblegum pink) looked expensive; the off-the-shoulder shape suggested an on-trend runway brand. But nope—it was Abercrombie & Fitch, the once-forgotten mall brand in the middle of a creative renaissance. And most importantly, it cost only $40.

Later that day, I clocked the same top on a fellow partygoer at a rooftop bar; she reluctantly confirmed that it was, indeed, A&F. (If you’re reading this, I promise I wasn’t judging!) The next day, my editor Jenifer Calle bought one in cream, saying she’d also “seen it everywhere.” And after spotting even more in the wild over the past few days, that’s enough for me: I’m declaring Abercrombie’s piece the definitive top of summer 2024.

Abercrombie & Fitch Asymmetrical Cotton-Modal Twist Top

Abercrombie & Fitch Asymmetrical Cotton-Modal Twist Top

Officially known as the Abercrombie & Fitch Asymmetrical Cotton-Modal Twist Top, it suggests a certain young professional nonchalance. “Yes, I have to go into the office three days a week,” it says, “but I still have a life. Here’s a little shoulder to remind you.” The off-the-shoulder design offers just a hint of sex appeal, but nothing that’ll ruffle your boss’s feathers. (She might even ask where you got it.) And the four colors—pink, cream, beige, and black, which is almost sold out—should fit in seamlessly with your current capsule wardrobe.

It’s practically tailor-made for the office siren look that’s so popular right now, both in workplaces and in nightlife. You know how the magazines you read growing up stressed the importance of day-to-night pieces? This top makes that fantasy a reality. Welcome to your rom-com era.

“I like the length—I can wear it with something low-waisted, but it’s also easy to wear over high-waisted pieces,” says Smith, who’s styled it with a denim midi-skirt and knee-high boots. “The angled design is very chic,” Calle says of her white top, which she styled with straight-leg jeans and ballet flats. “It’s made from great-quality material, isn’t see-through, and feels sturdy. I like the cream color, and it’s great for the office. The sizing is perfect—I went with medium—and it’s available at a reasonable price.”

Abercrombie & Fitch Asymmetrical Cotton-Modal Twist Top

Abercrombie & Fitch Asymmetrical Cotton-Modal Twist Top

As much as we love this top, there are a few drawbacks. “I think the only thing that’s tricky about wearing it is picking a bra; you’ll need a good strapless bra,” Calle says. Plus, it only comes in sizes XXS through XL—we’d love to see it released in a wider size range. But for now, the pros outweigh the cons, especially considering the material is thick, soft, and cool to the touch. (I could imagine A&F asking for double or triple the current price tag.)

While I was researching this piece, Smith mentioned that the top looks similar to a Reformation piece that costs about twice as much, albeit with a higher percentage of soft, stretchy rayon. (The twisted detail is on the opposite side.) On the other end of the spectrum, I also found an Amazon top that costs about half of what Abercrombie is charging, this time with polyester in the mix. I won’t wade into the dupe discourse, but consider this your opportunity to buy a similar top at any price point—all of them have their charms.

Reformation Cello Knit Top

Missactiver Off-Shoulder Ruched Top

Getting dressed in the summer can be a pain, considering you can only wear the same white T-shirts, ribbed tank tops, and tailored vests before the days start to blend together. The asymmetrical Abercrombie top is an escape hatch—or at least an extra day of putting off doing your laundry. Wear it with any bottoms—linen pants, white maxi skirts, trendy capris, you name it—and you’ll look good, no matter where you’re going. That’s the bottom line: When you can get out the door looking and feeling cool, you’ve won. A&F just made that a lot easier.

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