All Stars 8 Is Over and A New Queen Has Been Crowned

Another season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ has drawn to a close and a new queen has entered the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

Last week, after 12 episodes, Jimbo was crowned the new reigning All Stars queen. All Stars 8 is Jimbo’s third time competing within the Drag Race franchise, with her previous seasons being season 1 of Canada’s Drag Race, where she placed 4th, and the UK vs the World spin-off, where she placed 7th.

Known for her clown-esque drag aesthetic, Jimbo was motivated to prove that she could be versatile in her drag while still showing that she was the same person that fans had grown to love at her core.

Not holding anything back, Jimbo managed to have an eventful season where she built a strong track record where she was named the top All Star of the week a whopping four times. With her outgoing personality, charm, quick wit, and immensely large breastplates, Jimbo was a force to be reckoned with, with her win in the iconic ‘Snatch Game of Love,’ where she Portrayed an over-the-top tap-dancing Shirley Temple, already being praised as one of the top performances in all the show’s history.

Despite these wins, Jimbo was feeling discouraged earlier on in the season. Despite ranking at the top, she was never able to win any of the lip-syncs she was in, and contestants know that Drag Race requires that they lip-sync for the crown at the end of each season. Still, Jimbo continued to place high in the competition and eventually managed to win a lip sync against a drag queen known for winning the most lip syncs in the entire franchise, Silky Nutmeg Ganache; albeit with the aid of the bologna (yes, actual bologna) that she threw on the stage and at the judges.

With one lip sync win under her belt, Jimbo faced Kandy Muse in the top 2 lip sync for the crown. Tasked with performing a lip sync to ‘Do You Wanna Funk’ by Sylvester & Patrick Cowley, the two queens battled to the best of their ability, with Jimbo being dubbed the winner of the lip sync and thus the winner of the season.

“This is the dream of a lifetime that I could never have ever predicted,” she said. “And I’m so grateful.”

Jimbo has proved time and time again that she was a formidable contender for the crown, and now she is one of nine queens to hold the crown and scepter as a reigning All Stars queen, as well as the recipient of a hefty cash prize of $200,000.

Drag Race as a franchise continues to show that Drag doesn’t have to look one way to be valid, and Jimbo echoes that sentiment this season. Any and every one can do drag, so long as they have the patience, commitment, and determination to partake in the craft.

Jimbo’s crowning technically marks the first traditional All Stars winner in nearly two years after a brief break in the franchise in favor of All Stars 7, dubbed the all-winners season, with the season 6 winner, Kylie Sonique Love, stepping down for the newly crowned queen.

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