30 Lesson Plan Examples for Every Grade Level and Subject

Lesson planning: Most teachers either love it or hate it. Either way, it’s something every teacher has to spend at least some time doing, so it’s worth learning to do well. Whether you’re a brand-new teacher or an experienced educator looking for some new ideas, these lesson plan examples offer inspiration for every subject and every grade level.

Lesson Plan Sections

Many lesson plans include some or all of the following sections.

  • Objective: These should be specific and measurable. Often they align with Common Core or other learning standards.
  • Materials: List any items you’ll need, including worksheets or handouts, school supplies, etc.
  • Activities: This is usually the longest section, where you’ll lay out what the lesson and its activities look like. Some teachers write these in great detail. Others include just an overview to help them plan.
  • Assessment: How will you assess your students’ learning? This could be a formal assessment or something simple like an exit ticket.
  • Differentiation: Describe how you’ll vary the level of difficulty for students at all levels, including any enrichment for early finishers.

Preschool Lesson Plan Examples

Some people think preschool is just playtime, but pre-K teachers know better! Here are some of the ways preschool teachers plan for their lessons.


Weekly Lesson Plan

Weekly preschool lesson planning helps you plan each day and ensure you’re tackling all the most important skills.

Learn more: Pre-K Weekly Lesson Plan

Caterpillars and Butterflies pre-k lesson plan showing activities in various categories (Lesson Plan Examples)
Pre-K Printable Fun

Pre-K Theme Lesson Plan

If you like to plan by theme, try a template like this. It includes space for a variety of activities that fit your topic.

Learn more: Pre-K Theme Lesson Plan

Preschool weekly lesson plan for teaching the letter S (Lesson Plan Examples)
This Crafty Mom

Alphabet Letter Lesson Plan

If you’re focusing on a new letter of the alphabet each week, try lesson planning like this. You can see the week at a glance, including all the materials and books you’ll need.

Learn more: Alphabet Letter Lesson Plan

Lesson plan examples for elementary classroom learning centers
Pocket of Preschool

Centers Lesson Plan

Your centers need some planning too! Whether you change them out weekly, monthly, or as needed, use plans like these to stay prepared.

Learn more: Centers Lesson Plan

Weekly lesson plan for pre-K unit on teaching weather (Lesson Plan Examples)
This Crafty Mom

Weekly Unit Lesson Plan

Adding pops of color and a few images can make it easier to locate the lesson plan you’re looking for in a snap.

Learn more: Weekly Weather Unit Lesson Plan

Elementary School Lesson Plan Examples

Since elementary teachers tackle multiple subjects every day, their lesson plans might look like a general overview. Or they may prepare more detailed lesson plans for each topic to help them stay on track. The choice is up to you.

Open lesson plan binder to show lesson plan examples
Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station

Weekly Overview Lesson Plan

Don’t be afraid to write out your lesson plans by hand! A side-by-side setup like this lets you see a whole week at once. We love the use of color to highlight special things like fire drills.

Learn more: Elementary Weekly Overview Lesson Plan

Color-coded lesson plan for a unit on forest life, with learning objectives, activities, and outcomes
Little Sponges

Unit Lesson Plan

Planning out a unit helps ensure you cover all the important topics and meet your learning objectives.

Learn more: Unit Lesson Plan

Yearlong Schedule

Planning a whole year may seem daunting, but it can show you where you’re going to need to stretch a unit and where you can circle back and review. Mrs. D from Mrs. D’s Corner has ideas on how to structure a yearlong lesson plan using Google Sheets.

Detailed guided math lesson plan example on adding three-digit numbers
Tunstall’s Teaching

Guided Math Lesson Plan

This example on adding three numbers together can be altered to fit any math lesson plan.

Learn more: Guided Math Lesson Plan

Lesson plan example for teaching art in elementary school
Square 1 Art

Art Lesson Plan

While these are elementary art lesson plan examples, you can easily use this style for teaching art at upper levels too.

Learn more: Art Lesson Plans

lesson plan example for special education
The Bender Bunch

Special Education Lesson Plans

Lesson planning for special education looks different than general classroom lessons in that the lessons have to cover specific IEP goals and include lots and lots of progress monitoring. The Bender Bunch starts each lesson with independent work (read: IEP practice) and then heads into mini-lessons and group work.

Learn more: Special Education Lesson Plan

Interactive Read-Aloud Plan

Interactive read-alouds take some careful planning. The Colorful Apple explains how to choose a book, get to know it, and get ready to teach it. Once you’re in the book, sticky notes may be the best lesson-planning tool you have for marking questions and vocabulary words you want to point out to students.

Learn more: Interactive Read-Aloud Plan

Detailed social studies lesson plan for elementary school on rules
Mrs. Jones’s Class

Social Studies Lesson Plan

Including images of your anchor charts is a great idea! That way, you can pull one out and have it ready to go in advance.

Learn more: Social Studies Lesson Plan

A detailed and colorful lesson plan example using the 5E planning process
The Routty Math Teacher

5E Lesson Plan for Elementary School

The 5Es stand for Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaborate, and Evaluate. This type of lesson planning can be helpful for students as they work through each of the 5Es related to the topic you’re studying.

Learn more: 5E Lesson Plan for Elementary Math

Elementary science lesson plan example for building a bridge

Science Lesson Plans

If you like to plan your lessons in more detail, take a look at this elementary science lesson plan example.

Learn more: Science Lesson Plan Template

Reading Group Lesson Plan

Lots of elementary schools have differentiated reading groups. Use a template like this one to plan for each one, all on one page.

P.E. lesson plan example for throwing and catching
American Coaching Academy

P.E. Lesson Plan

Gym teachers will love this lesson plan idea, which includes directions for playing the games.

Learn more: PE Lesson Plan

Music class lesson plan example for first graders
Victoria Boler

Music Class Lesson Plan

Plan out the skills and songs you’ll need for a meaningful music class with a lesson plan like this one.

Learn more: Music Class Lesson Plan

Middle and High School Lesson Plan Examples

At the middle and high school levels, teachers often need more detailed plans for each class, which they may teach multiple times a day. Here are some examples to try.

Google Sheets template for high school lesson planning
Busy Miss Beebe

Google Sheets Lesson Plans

Google Sheets (or Excel) is terrific for lesson planning! Create a new tab for each week, unit, or class.

Learn more: Google Sheets Lesson Plan

Handwritten lesson plan with highlighted lines and more notes
Sandy Millin

Handwritten Lesson Plan

Some people really prefer to write things out by hand, highlighting important parts and making notes as they go. You can always convert this kind of plan to a digital format later if you need to.

Learn more: Handwritten Lesson Plan

HS history class lesson plan example
Coaching History via TPT

Weekly History Plan

This example shows how you can plan out a week’s worth of lessons at once, and see the entire week all in one spot. This example is for history, but you could use this for math, ELA, or social studies too.

Learn more: Weekly History Plan

Outline and Pacing Guide lesson plans for A Long Walk to Water
Read it. Write it. Learn it.

Outline and Pacing Guide Lesson Plan

A pacing guide or outline works for both you and your students. Share it at the beginning of a unit to let them know what’s ahead.

Learn more: Outline and Pacing Guide

Example of a 5E lesson plan that includes engagement, explanation, exploration, evaluation, and elaboration for lesson planning for science
Teach Science With Fergy

5E Lessons in Middle and High School

5E lesson plans (Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaborate, Evaluate) are great for middle and high school as well. This example is for science, but you can use the 5E structure across all lessons.

Learn more: Middle and High School 5E Lesson Plans

Example of using sticky notes to plan lessons
The Wise and Witty Teacher

Sticky-Note Lesson Plan

At some point, you’ll know what students are doing each day, you’ll just need some reminders for questions to ask and key points to cover. The nice thing about using sticky notes for lesson planning is if you get ahead or behind schedule, you can move the entire sticky-note lesson to another day. (Find more ways to use sticky notes in the classroom here.)

Learn more: Sticky Note Lesson Plan

Example of an understanding by design lesson planning template
Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

Backwards Planning Lesson Plan

If your school uses backwards planning, you’ll be thinking about the outcome first and working back from there (rather than forward from an activity or task). Backwards planning lesson plans are intensive, but they’re also something you can use over and over, modifying them slightly for each group of students you have.

Learn more: Backwards Planning Lesson Plan

Two-page lesson plan for middle or high school visual arts on creating from recycled materials

Visual Arts Lesson Plan

Detailed lesson plans take longer to prepare, but they make it easier on the day (especially if you wind up needing a sub).

Learn more: Visual Arts Lesson Plan Template

A lesson plan example for teaching ESL speakers to give personal information
Teach English Abroad

ELL or World Language Lesson Plan

Whether you’re teaching English-language learners (ELL) or a world language to English speakers, this lesson plan style is perfect.

Learn more: ELL/World Language Lesson Plan

Detailed music lesson plan example
Melody Soup

Music Lesson Plan

Use a lesson plan like this for choir, orchestra, band, or individual music lessons.

Learn more: HS Music Lesson Plan

Blended learning lesson plan example
Hot Lunch Tray

Blended Learning Lesson Plan

If your instruction includes both computer-based and in-person elements, this lesson plan idea might be just what you need.

Learn more: Hot Lunch Tray

On sentence lesson plan stating what students will learn, how they will learn, and how they'll demonstrate their knowledge
Cult of Pedagogy

One-Sentence Lesson Plan

This kind of lesson planning isn’t for everyone, but the extreme simplicity works well for some. Describe what students will learn, how they will learn it, and how they’ll demonstrate their knowledge.

Learn more: One-Sentence Lesson Plan

Need more help with lesson planning? Come ask for ideas in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook!

Plus, check out Ways To Make Time for More Creativity in Your Lesson Plans.

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