18 Best Silk Pajamas, Tested & Endorsed by ‘Glamour’ Editors

We don’t know about you, but the best silk pajamas are the ultimate sleepwear upgrade we didn’t know we needed. While we may typically find ourselves grabbing our favorite modal pajamas and slipping into some fluffy slippers at the end of the day, there’s something to be said about a gorgeous and fluid set of silky PJs that make something as mundane as a bedtime routine feel intentional and completely luxurious.

So just why is silk so irresistible? Smooth and cool to the touch, it glides against the skin and drapes beautifully—not to mention the shimmery luster it gives off. Plus, according to the Council of Fashion Designers in America and Mood Fabrics, the natural material is inherently temperature regulating, meaning it keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold (so you’ll be comfortable while you sleep and it’s wearable year-round).

Our Top Picks:

Yes, quality genuine silk tends to be a expensive, but if cared for properly, but the best pajamas can last for years (making it totally worth the investment). Many of our picks are machine-washable on a gentle cycle or can be hand-washed, saving a costly trip to the dry cleaner.

Sometimes satin gets brought into the fold, but the term technically refers to a type of weave often constructed with synthetic fibers, that replicates a pearly sheen. Of course, this means that synthetic satin tends to be more affordable than pure silk versions, although it likely won’t have the aforementioned thermo-regulating properties.

To help source the best of the best silk pajamas, we asked Glamour editors for the ones they endorse as well as personal recommendations from people who are silk PJ enthusiasts (myself included). The below curated and vetted pajamas—ranging from classic designs to shorts and cami sets—are what sweet dreams are made of…and hint, hint: They make an impressive cozy gift!

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