15 Best Silk Pillowcases, Tested & Reviewed by Editors 2024

Clearer skin
As you shift throughout the night, your skin rubs against your pillowcase, causing friction on your skin, says Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital’s dermatology department in New York City. “Friction can cause skin folding and contribute to low-grade inflammation and wrinkles. Silk is a soft, natural fiber that allows the skin to glide. Plus, it’s light and breathable to minimize the amount of sweat that builds up on the skin.” Basically less rubbing and beauty product absorption from other fabrics like cotton can help if you have sensitive skin.

Silk, derived from domesticated silkworms, might even make your beauty routine more effective because your products won’t rub off as easily, says celebrity facialist and La Mer global skin care adviser Georgia Louise.

Healthier hair
Silk pillowcases prevent bedhead by reducing friction on your hair as you sleep, making it less likely to get twisted and tangled during the night. (Every single one of our testers will tell you that if you’re looking for a pillowcase to fix frizzy hair, silk is the way to go.)

Less buildup of allergens
The fiber is naturally hypoallergenic and prevents the buildup of dust mites, fungus, mold, and other allergens. While the effects of silk pillowcases on skin and hair are still under-researched, a few studies, like this 2019 report, have found promising results. Empirically, though, the material’s benefits are easy to see—just read the reviews for the silk pillowcases our team has tested and endorsed.

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