10 Pros and Cons of Living in Ohio

As the birthplace of seven U.S. presidents, Ohio is a state with a rich history. The state is known for its Midwestern hospitality, strong work ethic, and affordable cost of living.  Ohio has a lot to offer residents regarding the quality of life, but there are also some drawbacks to living there. Are you thinking of renting an apartment in Cleveland or buying a home in Cincinnati? Here are the pros and cons of living in Ohio to help you decide if this state is right for you.

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Quick Facts about Ohio

Population 11,799,448
Median home sale price $259,500
Average rent in Ohio $1,155
Largest cities in Ohio Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati

Pros of living in Ohio

Ohio provides a range of benefits, making it a good place to live for many people. The state has a low cost of living and affordable housing, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Here are just a few pros of living in the state.

1. The state is home to many world-class theme parks

Theme parks are a top draw for residents of Ohio and visitors alike. Ohio is home to some of the most popular amusement parks, such as Cedar Point, Kings Island, and Coney Island Park. These parks offer a variety of rides, shows, and attractions that will please everyone in the family. If you’re a thrill-seeker, consider living in Cleveland, one of the major cities near Cedar Park, the roller coaster capital of the world.

2. You’ll be surrounded by stunning scenery 

As one of the most geographically diverse states in the country, Ohio offers residents a variety of landscapes to enjoy. From the picturesque shores of Lake Erie to the serene hiking trails of Hocking Hills State Park, there is no shortage of beautiful places to explore in Ohio. State parks, nature centers, and hiking trails are a few of the many ways to enjoy the great outdoors. They provide hiking, fishing, camping, and other outdoor recreation opportunities, making Ohio a good place to live.

Caesar Creek Lake, Ohio

3. The food is incredible

If you love good food, you’ll feel right at home in Ohio. The state is home to various culinary delights, from Cincinnati chili and Cleveland-style Polish Boys to Amish country pies and Ohio City pretzels. You will experience fine dining and hole-in-the-wall eateries, giving you the best of both worlds. There are many great places to eat in Ohio, so you’re sure to find something to satisfy every appetite. Just try one of the many food trucks in central Ohio; there’s something for everyone.

4. You’ll experience all four seasons

While Ohio is known for its cold winters, the state experiences the beauty of all four seasons. This is a major perk for residents who enjoy the changing of the weather and scenery. Spring and summer are lovely, with state temperatures averaging a low of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Fall is the best time to experience Ohio’s beautiful foliage, with the leaves turning to beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. Check out the fishing lake in Burnet Woods in Cincinnati for a picture-perfect view. Winters in Ohio offer a chance to enjoy sledding, ice skating, and skiing activities.

5. Cleveland is the rock and roll capital of the world

Do you love rock and roll? If so, The Buckeye State is the place for you. Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, celebrating its history and legacy. The museum features exhibits on various rock and roll artists, from the Beatles to Bruce Springsteen.

Cleveland is also home to several other music-related attractions, such as the House of Blues and the Wolstein Center. If you’re a fan of live music, catch a show at one of the venues in the state. These venues include the Blossom Music Center, The Newport Music Hall, and the Palace Theatre.

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Cons of living in Ohio

Ohio has its downsides, such as the unpredictable weather that can range from hot summers to harsh winters. To prepare you for what’s to come, here are the cons of living in Ohio.

1. The winters can be harsh

While Ohio’s winters offer a magical wonderland of snow-covered landscapes, they can also be brutally cold. Temperatures often dip below freezing and can drop to 0 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Snow and ice storms frequent in the winter, making driving conditions hazardous which leads to school closures and travel delays. Learn how to prepare for an ice storm in the winter months to protect your home from damage.

2. The summers can be hot and humid

Temperatures in southern areas of Ohio can exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity levels are quite high – especially in July. This makes it uncomfortable to be outside for extended periods because of the risk of heat exhaustion and dehydration. Bordering northern Ohio, Lake Erie moderates the heat cooling these neighboring cities like Toledo, OH a couple of degrees.

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3. Public transportation can be limiting

Ohio is a large, geographically diverse state. This makes it challenging to get around without a car. While some cities like Columbus and Cleveland have decent public transportation systems, many areas of the state do not. If you live in rural areas, getting to work or running errands can be a challenge if you don’t have your own set of wheels. Consider this when deciding if Ohio is the right place for you.

4. It rains more than the national average

It is common for Ohio to experience heavy rains and severe thunderstorms. While this causes some spectacular displays of weather, it can also be a nuisance. The national average rainfall is around 38 inches, while Ohio stands at 40 inches per year. This makes outdoor activities such as hiking or camping challenging to enjoy. Some areas experience flooding, causing damage to properties and leading to road closures. It is important to research if your home is in a flood zone and how you can protect your home from flooding. Seasons such as spring and summer are particularly susceptible to severe weather conditions.

5. Pollen can cause problems for those with allergies 

If you suffer from allergies, you may want to be prepared when moving to a city like Columbus. This region is known for having high pollen levels in the springtime due to a large number of trees and grass. This makes it difficult to breathe and can trigger various allergy symptoms. The pollen count is highest from April to May when trees begin to pollinate. Consider taking allergy medication with you if you plan on living in this part of the state.


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