10 Best Hair Removal Creams, Tested and Reviewed 2024

Trust that this isn’t the same Nair hair removal cream you may have experimented with in your teen years. The formula has gone through many iterations and this one in particular has been specifically crafted for the bikini line. One of our testers, Nikita Agarwal, says that she came to this product after moving to a warmer country where she frequently finds herself in bathing suits. Frequent shaving and waxing was leaving her bikini line red and irritated, but this is easier to use, pain-free, and doesn’t leave behind any pesky bumps. “It gives my skin a smooth feel, and it doesn’t have a bad smell, either, like some of the other at-home hair removal lotions I’ve tried in the past.” It contains green tea to help reduce redness and irritation while sunflower seed oil hydrates the skin while helping it to retain moisture. It comes in a small, travel-friendly tube, so you’ll have an easy time bringing it on your next beach vacation with you, too.

  • Key Ingredients: Green tea, sunflower seed oil
  • Size: 1.7 oz.
  • Pros: Pleasant floral scent, affordable, safe for sensitive skin, includes anti-inflammatory green tea
  • Cons: Not the most effective on coarse hair

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